Unique products take your promotion to another level...

If you’re looking to produce a promotional product that’s unique to your brand and message;
a product that captures the attention of your target market...then you need to talk to us!

By letting your imagination run wild and utilising our teams 50+ years of industry knowledge we can jointly create and design a product that is sure to stand out from the crowd and meet your own specific marketing objectives.

We have established relationships with a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers in New Zealand and overseas that we regularly work with to help produce truly unique items that will set your promotional product apart from all others.
Our team will discuss and guide you through the few simple steps required to ensure the delivery of a unique product that will fit your brief perfectly. The more information you can give us at this point the better as it helps to direct and focus our thinking so that we can give you the most appropriate and suitable options that are available.

We can manufacture a totally new product from scratch for you or change an existing product to incorporate your very own colours, style and branding...the possibilities are truly extensive.

Larger minimum quantities do usually apply for custom produced products, however these numbers are gradually getting smaller so don’t hesitate to ask us to investigate available options - you may be pleasantly surprised with how few you actually need to produce.

As you can appreciate, good things take time so extended lead-times often apply for custom produced items as we need to allow for research, concept design, product sourcing, custom sampling, the actual manufacturing process and final delivery.

If you need a unique product and you need it delivered quickly, talk to us as there are various products available with quick production times and expedited delivery through utilisation of various air-freight options.

So go ahead - think big, wild, weird and wonderful...our only limitation is your imagination!

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